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Jpeg2000ImageFactory Class Reference

#include <Jpeg2000Image.h>

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Public Member Functions

Jpeg2000ImagecreateJpeg2000ImageToRead (char *filename, BoundingBox< double > bbox, double resx, double resy)
 Create an Jpeg2000Image object, for reading.

Detailed Description

Institut national de l'information géographique et forestière

Member Function Documentation

Jpeg2000Image * Jpeg2000ImageFactory::createJpeg2000ImageToRead ( char *  filename,
BoundingBox< double >  bbox,
double  resx,
double  resy 

Create an Jpeg2000Image object, for reading.

Bbox and resolutions are not present in the JPEG2000 file, so we precise them. All other informations are extracted from JPEG2000 header. We have to check consistency between provided bbox and resolutions and read image's dimensions.

Negative resolutions leads to georeferencement calculation. Both resolutions will be equals to 1 and the bounding box will be (0,0,width,height).

[in]filenamepath to image file
[in]bboxbounding box
[in]resxX wise resolution.
[in]resyY wise resolution.
a Jpeg2000Image object pointer, NULL if error

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