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ServicesConf Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ServicesConf (std::string name, std::string title, std::string abstract, std::vector< Keyword > keyWords, std::string serviceProvider, std::string fee, std::string accessConstraint, unsigned int layerLimit, unsigned int maxWidth, unsigned int maxHeight, unsigned int maxTileX, unsigned int maxTileY, std::vector< std::string > formatList, std::vector< CRS > globalCRSList, std::string serviceType, std::string serviceTypeVersion, std::string providerSite, std::string individualName, std::string individualPosition, std::string voice, std::string facsimile, std::string addressType, std::string deliveryPoint, std::string city, std::string administrativeArea, std::string postCode, std::string country, std::string electronicMailAddress, MetadataURL metadataWMS, MetadataURL metadataWMTS, std::vector< std::string > listofequalsCRS, std::vector< std::string > restrictedCRSList, bool postMode=0, bool fullStyling=0, bool inspire=0, bool doweuselistofequalsCRS=0, bool addEqualsCRS=0, bool dowerestrictCRSList=0)
std::string getAbstract () const
std::string getAccessConstraint () const
std::string getFee () const
std::vector< Keyword > * getKeyWords ()
bool isPostEnabled ()
std::string getServiceProvider () const
std::string getTitle () const
std::string getProviderSite () const
std::string getIndividualName () const
std::string getIndividualPosition () const
std::string getVoice () const
std::string getFacsimile () const
std::string getAddressType () const
std::string getDeliveryPoint () const
std::string getCity () const
std::string getAdministrativeArea () const
std::string getPostCode () const
std::string getCountry () const
std::string getElectronicMailAddress () const
unsigned int getLayerLimit () const
unsigned int getMaxHeight () const
unsigned int getMaxWidth () const
unsigned int getMaxTileX () const
unsigned int getMaxTileY () const
std::string getName () const
std::vector< std::string > * getFormatList ()
std::vector< CRS > * getGlobalCRSList ()
bool isFullStyleCapable ()
std::string getServiceType ()
std::string getServiceTypeVersion ()
bool isInspire ()
MetadataURLgetWMSMetadataURL ()
MetadataURLgetWMTSMetadataURL ()
bool getDoWeUseListOfEqualsCRS ()
bool getAddEqualsCRS ()
std::vector< std::string > getListOfEqualsCRS ()
bool getDoWeRestrictCRSList ()
std::vector< std::string > getRestrictedCRSList ()

Private Attributes

std::string title
std::string abstract
std::vector< KeywordkeyWords
std::string serviceProvider
std::string fee
std::string accessConstraint
bool postMode
std::string providerSite
std::string individualName
std::string individualPosition
std::string voice
std::string facsimile
std::string addressType
std::string deliveryPoint
std::string city
std::string administrativeArea
std::string postCode
std::string country
std::string electronicMailAddress
std::string name
unsigned int layerLimit
unsigned int maxWidth
unsigned int maxHeight
unsigned int maxTileX
unsigned int maxTileY
std::vector< std::string > formatList
std::vector< CRS > globalCRSList
bool fullStyling
std::string serviceType
std::string serviceTypeVersion
bool inspire
MetadataURL metadataWMS
MetadataURL metadataWMTS
bool doweuselistofequalsCRS
std::vector< std::string > listofequalsCRS
bool addEqualsCRS
bool dowerestrictCRSList
std::vector< std::string > restrictedCRSList

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