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Provides functions to compute the max value or the min index of an array.
Base 36 converting tools.
Configure and assemble commands used to generate pyramid’s images.
Manage a data source, physical (image files) or virtual (WMS server) or both.
Loads, validates and manages data sources.
Creates and manages all graphs, NNGraph and QTree.
Describes a georeferenced image and enable to know its components.
Stores parameters and builds WMS request.
Define a data source, with georeferenced image directory.
Describe a layer for a ROK4 server.
Describe a level in a pyramid.
Representation of a “nearest neighbour” pyramid : pyramid’s image = Node.
Define Nodata informations and tools.
Descibe a node of a QTree or a Graph.
Store all pixel’s intrinsic components.
Reads a configuration file, to sIniFiles* format
Store all informations about a pyramid.
Store all image’s components.
Representation of a quad tree image pyramid : pyramid’s image = Node
Describe a script, its weight and allowed to write in.
A Tile Matrix defines a grid for a level.
Load and store all information about a Tile Matrix Set.
Descibe a node
Configure, assemble commands used to generate merged pyramid’s images, from source pyramids’ images.
Reads a configuration file for joinCache, respect the IniFiles format, but consider order.
Describe a script, allowed to write in.
Describe a level in a pyramid.
Store all informations about a pyramid.